Indian real human hair buyers enquiry and reply

Dear sister,
My name (Rajan)C.Nagarajan, admin of, got your enquiry for Indian real human hair. 

1 kilo price depends hair length
10-14 inch $200,
15-18 inch $350,
19-22 inch $420,
23-26 inch $500,
27-30 inch $560,
30 inch and above cost $630.

Only 20% is on exact length 80% of hair shorter then actual ordered length. If you want all even size then price will be higher it’s buyers choice. 

Indian real human hair?
Yes, sis all these hair are sourced direct from temple devote hair donors (sacrifice to god).100% pure original hair we bring it our factory in chennai city. We do natural wash without chemical, dried in sunlight, then hand picked white hairs by girls working. Life time of this hairs long standing compare to chinese, malaysian, Peru and Brazil hair. Because Indian’s don’t use much shampoo or beauty parlour chemicals to maintain the hair. Mostly they make home made herbal treatment themselves traditionally like milk, coconut oil, sesame oil, and different natural nut floors use real sandals too for it. You will get 100% satisfaction it’s worth for money.

How do I order real hair?
Step 1. Choose your type.
Three type hair available 1.straight 2.wavy 3.curly.
Step 2. Choose your length.
Step 3. Let us know all even length you want or 20% 80%.
Step 4. Send us money.
Step 5. We take 5 days time to prepare your order to send.
Step 6. To Africa DHL courier brings to your door step. It may take 5-7 days. Cost of the courier depends on places. The charge paid by the buyer.

So, if you making an order it takes two weeks time to receive the hair in your hand sister. If you like our service you can recommend your friends to buy from us. Thanks.

Chennai, India. 

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