Hinduism is an amazing religion consisting of various myths and beliefs in the name of faith. One such belief in Hinduism is sacrificing ones hair in the name of god. Donating hair to god is an ancient practice which has been going on for centuries. Only affluent people take part in the auction of the hair from the temples as the hair has to be bought in bulk and can literally cost millions of dollars. The hair in these auctions is usually sold by multiple tons. A Chain of buying continues from the main buyer to various middle men and wholesaler Distributors. The large quantities of hair to the factories of the suppliers and then sorted, hackled and sorted by length. It is then washed using industrial shampoo and dried under the sun outdoors. After drying, it is drawn and tied into bundles. The hair is now ready for export. It is exported by distributors to salons, beauty stores and individuals all over the world.


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  • Wig Making Image
  • Amino Acid  amino
  • Fertilizer fert
  • Crafting a rope (to twist hair fibers together to make strong ropes) rop
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  • Temple Hair
  • Village Hair
  • Barber Hair

Temple Hair

Temple hair is the most abundant source available. Each year, thousands of worshipers make pilgrimages to temples where their hair is cut off as an act of religious sacrifice, devotion and thanksgiving. This custom is lucrative that temples designate certain women to ensure all the pilgrims’ hair is properly braided before its cut off. By having the hair cuticles face the same direction; temples are able to sell the locks to wig makers for big bucks. The Balaji Temple in Tirumala–the second busiest in the world–collects tons of hair each week, thereby generating an estimated annual income of ten thousand dollars for the temples.

Village Hair

Village hair is regarded as lower quality than Temple hair because it’s derived from women’s hair combs and brushes. The hair is collected monthly by what is known as a hacker. The hair is exchanged for sweets, plastic, toys, etc.

Barber Hair ( Thukku)

Finally Barber hair, or “Thuku” as it is known, comes from the sweepings off the floor from barbershops. In the above category the temple hair is very much demanded all over the world, because of its length and quality. Temple hair is collected from the temples who sacrifice the hair for fulfilled their wishes by the gods.

Review- 1

India  is  one  of  the  leading  exporters  of  Human  Hair.

Moreover Indian Hair is considered to be fine, lustrous and free from chemical treatments, making it suitable formanufacturing wigs. India has thousands of exporters. But sources are few. The hair is once collected from Tirumala temple the hair is reportedly separated into five different varieties.

The hair exported from India is either raw or processed/ polished. The profit margin around 15% to 50%respectively. Not a bad deal considering there is a huge demand for Indian hair in France, UK, US, Canada and a few other European countries. Find an entrepreneur whodares to think beyond the obvious and discover the oblivion.

Review -2

Indian human hair trade has ballooned into a multimillion dolor industry according to Zreportage, encompassing ‘temple hair’ prized by wig makers. “Entrepreneurs and small business have a bigger opportunity and it is easier for them to go global than large corporation”, explains Robert D. Hisrich, Director of the Thunderbird school’s center for Global Entrepreneurship in Arizona, citing the flexibility that comes without the bureaucratic and legal constraints on deal making that can hamper big business. The observer uncovered the dark side of the “temple hair” trade in villages around Chennai. In order to get a foothold in a market monopolized by the Hindu temples, “unscrupulous agents of small time exporters”.

The above article clearly says that there is good opportunity to marketing of the temple hair to various countries. And also according to the by the Robert D. Hisrich this is very good opportunity for the entrepreneurs and small scale business peoples. It is easy way of enter into export business comparing to the competition with big business peoples

Review – 3

The market for human hair, used for wigs and extension, has been booming, wearing hair extensions, once considered the domain of strippers, has become fashionable for celebrities and the like. Most hair comes from china , but its roughness makes it the least valuable, Chinese hair is difficult to process into the luxurious waves demanded by current fashion. Of course the extensions must be top quality – raising the demand for human hair.

According to this article, Indian hair fetches a high price because it is malleable enough to look European. Indeed, Indian hair is enjoying something of a renaissance.

Review – 04

Many Indian women offer their hair to deities in Hindu temples in a show of respect and gratitude. Few realize the offerings can wind up in a lucrative export market.

Five Categories of Hair

Wholesaler sort hair into five categories. The kind that is black and longer than 16 inches is th most sought after. This “Remy” or “black gold” category sells for as much as $160 per kilogram. The second category of black hair between 8 and 16 inches long, sells for around $44 a kilogram. Thethird category of black hair, shorter than 8 inches, sells for under a dollar a kilogram. The fourth and fifth categories are gray hair shorter than 8 inches, which sell for about 10 cents a kilogram.

After the hair is collected, the temple stores it in a steel container, with male and female hair kept separate.Once the warehouse is stocked, auction notices are advertised in four languages, all south Indian, in three popular newspapers and on the temple official web.

Gupta Hair exporter said that he distributes plastic bags to women in the local village hair his factory in Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, to keep outside their huts. Every time they comb their hair, those that fall are collected in the bag. After a week, a broker will collect these bags and pay the women’s a small sum.

Demand of export of human hair is in increased trend. The export value has increase from 161.41 crores in 2005 to 451.98 crores in 2010. The growing trend of human hair export, year by year is increased. By this manner we understood the opportunity to know enter into this human hair business idea.


Top ten importing countries (Human Hair from Chennai Port and Air)
S:No / Country Code Export / values (in Rs)
01   ES   Spain 496553849
02   KR  Korea  73234909
03   HK  Hong Kong 1266819202
04   CN = China  9194559644
05   BR  Brazil  1498090604
06   US  United States  553741034
07   ID   Indonesia 318390076
08   LB  Lebanon 177505795
09   IT  italy  1309648235
10   DE  Germany  80515429

China is the number one country for importing of Human hair from India comparing with other nations. Since China having more number of human hair processing industries. China also having good market for human hair, but in China the availability of natural human hair is less comparing with India. But in international market the demand for synthetic is less, so China importing long and natural hair human from India. Top ten countries are identified which is most importing of human hair from Chennai port and sea way. Out of this more than seventy countries are importing human hair from India. Out of that top ten countries are identified based on the export volume to these counties. It is so supportive for the business idea people for easy identification of target market and improve the hair business through effective marketing strategies.

Types of Human Hair and the export frequency

S:No Variety Frequency
1 REMI 38
4 WEFT 48
5 CURLY 35
6 WAVY 24


The below table represent the various varieties of human hair exported to various countries. From this table we clearly understand the single drawn is most frequency comparing with other varieties. Because single drawn is lengthy in nature comparing with other varieties. Subsequently double drawn is in second place, and Remy, Non-Remy, weft, wavy and curly are the various varieties are demanded by the marketers.

Varieties of Human Hair

DOUBLE DRAWN  =  17%sgdo
REMY  =  11%
NON-REMY  = 8% remyvs-non-remy_grande
WEFT  =  14%we
WAVY  =  7% wa
CURLY  = 10% curls3

The single drawn alone having 33% of export comparing with other varieties. It is most preferred variety because of lengthy in nature and also it is used processing of other varieties. The second type of human hair i.e. double drawn is look bushy and short type of hair, and other varieties are having subsequent place according to the percentage of frequency.


“INDIA” is one of the heritage country among the world. India is crammed by Hindus. They have manners of giving vital to god and sacrificing their belongings as a gift to the god. They believe the god, when they are facing thorny situation. After the recovery they have a practice of thanks giving by sacrificing, donate, gift and so on the temple.

Likewise Indians peoples are having a manner of sacrifice their hair to the god as thanks giving. All age group and gender are donating the hair to the temple. The donate or sacrifice hair is so called “tonsure” hair. Temple authorities are collected the tonsure hair and sell to hair exporter and processor through auction sales. Indian Human Hair is mostly demanded product in all over the world. Indian human hair.

Data’s like demand of importing countries, values of human hair and their quantity are analyzed. The analyzed report is help to identify the opportunity to enter in to the hair business. India is of the biggest source for the Human Hair importing countries. Human Hair trade has become a large market entirely export oriented. The demand of human hair is still increasing day by day. Human hair business trend and their viability to enter in to the business and make it big deal. Here more opportunities were found to create business and entrepreneurship opportunities. And also possibilities to create, India is one of the biggest source of hair market through regularize the regulation and procedures to enhance the potential of hair market.

Changes in cultural and booming of fashion industry there is more demand for human hair. More number of countries are engaged to importing of human hair and converting into hair wigs, hair extension and other hair and hair products. Human Hair trade has become a large market entirely export oriented. The Indian human hair is always in great demand not only in India but also throughout the world. The demand of human hair is still increasing day by day; Chennai has become one of the largest processing and manufacturing hub for human hair and hair products. Further these hairs are processed and exported throughout the world.

In India the business peoples are involved in exporting the human hair and its products to various countries after collecting and processing them. Indian human hair and its products are very much demanded in all over world because of its quality and its length. It increases our economic value in the export market and also creates lot of employment opportunities both directly and indirectly.


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